Nils Karlson – Earth Stands Still.

Worth the look and support of this Indiegogo project from a photographer with carefully edited collection of photos of Earth Stands Still, all exposed on various trips to the West coast of France. The abstraction through long exposures, intentional camera movements, and lensless photography create an otherworldly, yet calm atmosphere.  IndieGoGo project site:



It touches most of us - One way or another.

Cancer touches us all.  Maybe not directly.  Most if not all of us know someone that has been impacted by cancer.  Lucky we also know many cancer survivors.  This post is about the survivors.

We happy donated "Boundary", a pinhole photograph of Smith Rock State Park, to a local auction in support of post cancer treatment for Justin, survivor and young man that lives in our community.  

"Boundary"  -  Smith Rock State Park , Terrebonne Oregon. Pinhole Photography by  obscura GRAPHICS , Custom Framed by  High Desert Frameworks!

"Boundary" - Smith Rock State Park, Terrebonne Oregon. Pinhole Photography by obscura GRAPHICS, Custom Framed by High Desert Frameworks!

You can read more here:

Cheers! ... And cheers to Justin


Fame at an early age.

"You can imagine my surprise when I received an email from the Smithsonian 8 years later."

My point and shoot photo that made its way into the Smithsonian. by James Watt, 8 year long sole proprietor. IT expert & amateur photographer.  Full story here:

Pumpkin Pinhole - Audi sets a new standard for Halloween Advertising.

Some would call it rudimentary lens less photograph , others maybe photography for the young, while even others call it an advertising ploy.  

Here is your chance to see an Audi RS7 became the subject of the world’s first 360° GIF shot with pinhole cameras made from pumpkins.

Stunning?  Spooky?  Creepy?  No just great art!


Inspiration! Are you finding what you need?

We often get asked:  Where can you view images taken by pinhole camera artists?


Here are two resources that we review daily during our and it keeps us inspired and thinking of new projects:

Google Plus: (link to resource page):

Do you have your favorite site or resource?  Please share in comments!  We would love to hear from you!